Echoes of Earth - Nevine Bouez

December 05, 2018 to December 31, 2018
Galerie Janine Rubeiz

Echoes of Earth - Nevine Bouez


Ceramic collection

Following her Master’s degree in Fine Arts at Oxford, Nevine Bouez delved into a wide array of artistic mediums over the years. Art is an integrative part of her life, and her journey has evolved from painting, etching, interior decoration, and intricate porcelain design, to her passion for hand built ceramics. She strives to express the transformative and healing ability of mother earth as well as human nature. 

She participated in several collective exhibitions such as at the Kensington Exhibition Center of London, the Amale Traboulsi Galerie Epreuve d’Artiste, the Nazik Hariri display, the Karen Chekerdjian Gallery, the Cheriff Tabet Gallery, Galerie Janine Rubeiz at Abu Dhabi Art Fair, and the recent Beirut Design Fair. At the 2017 Salon d’Automne, she won the Audience Choice Award at the Sursock Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Beirut for her two towering hand built ceramic sculptures. Her creations have found beautiful homes in cities like London, Cairo, Dubai, Paris, or Beirut.

The artist devises multi-functional pieces that can seamlessly blend into any architectural style: traditional, modern and contemporary. They reflect the diversity of our interiors, each distinctive in their eclectic combinations. “Every piece is unique just as we are”, highlights Nevine. Some of her themed collections are intended to illustrate hope and resilience in the face of socio-economic challenges, such as in Lebanon. “Wholeness and strength can transform brokenness and surpass it”, she explains. Our connectedness with the environment can inspire a genuine shift leading to conscious action.

The artist’s aspiration is to reinstate the bonding between human beings and earthly elements in perfect communion, through artistic intention. “I put every single dimension of myself into my sculpting experience, and reach a creative flow that guides my hands in every moment, as my piece takes form. I feel limitless possibilities and use interestingly textured natural elements as I follow new ideas popping up out of a deep state of contemplation. The element of surprise is my motivation, as I simultaneously create and discover the emergence of unplanned new shapes at the tip of my fingers”, says Nevine.

Sherine Bouez


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