Dalia Baassiri


The sea, impregnated with the residues of our cravings                         

The atmosphere saturated with our desires               

Mountains covered by our greed desperately reaching out for the sky

Animals smothered by our appetites

People taken by the world they created for themselves

Every inch of this life has been exploited


As an artist, I find myself acquainted with this turmoil. The wreckage of this bruised reality invades my home and keeps reminding me of this phenomenon. During a recent dual residency in New York State sponsored by ArteEast, I investigated both the materiality and properties of a familiar visitor who wears gray every day. Dust, this enigmatic prolific entity, encapsulates the present lifestyle. While gradually overwhelming spaces, it carries along its way human skin cells, food residues, textile fibers, vehicle emissions and much more. The longer it resides on a surface, the darker it gets. In fact it is a compact granulated pigment indicating space and time.


By preserving all the dusty wipes, I document the ephemeral moments and materialize my relationship with the world. The process generates a collection of monochromatic drawings. Together, they embody my dialogue with dust, the hand and the pigment, the body and the cell, the whole and the particle. Thus, this quotidian practice transcends the domestic perimeters and opens a broader existential discourse.


Wiped out, people are every day. Eternal is dust; testimony of all measures.     

                                                                                                                          Dalia Baassiri