Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2018

November 14, 2018 to November 17, 2018
Collective - by Adlita Stephan | Dalia Baassiri | Hanibal Srouji | Huguette El Khoury Caland | Jamil Molaeb | Laure Ghorayeb | Zad Moultaka | Elie Bourgely | Dinah Diwan
Manarat Al Saadiyat - Saadiyat Cultural District - Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2018

For the 2018 edition, Galerie Janine Rubeiz, in collaboration with the curator Dr. Omar Kholeif, is proud to be showcasing a selection of outstanding artworks by Huguette Caland in the Focus section. These rare artworks denote Caland’s contributions to the global Arab art scene in the 1970’s.
(Booth: A19)

The Gallery is equally presenting a significant selection of artworks by its promising emerging and established artists. (Booth: A3)

The selection aims at providing Abu Dhabi Art Fair’s visitors with the finest Lebanese art that scopes local and international art platforms, from experimental art of undeniable pioneering artists and painters that have taken center stage on the global Art Platforms such as the Venice Biennale, Espronceda Center in Barcelona, and the Mac International in Belfast.

Dalia Baassiri’s Ache installation was conceived during her recent international artist’s residency in Spain. Baassiri experimental work reflects upon the notions of rebirth, the transformation of energy through techniques and symbolic materials. This exceptional piece is the outcome of the interactions between the artist’s interest in materiality, her personal processes and her relation to the world.

Every piece is unique just as we are”, highlights Nevine Bouez. The two ceramics featured reflect her research and experiments with materials. Her craftsmanship is reflected in her spontaneous use of glaze. Playing with the different elements, they illustrate hope, elegance, and resilience that one faces in socioeconomic challenges. “Wholeness and strength can transform brokenness and surpass it,” she explains.

Elie Bourgely’s sculpture reflects upon his personal approach to art-making. He creates visual narratives through the use of found and varied materials. His two and three-dimensional pieces convey his engagements as artist and educator. Humor, storytelling and multi-referential readings embody his social and cultural critique of the globalized world that we live in.      

Dinah Diwan’s artwork is part of a series of paintings inspired by the diary that she kept in Beirut, in 1975, without knowing that she would eventually be forced to leave the city. The title of the painting, A Wandering City, represents the freedom of living and moving that colors the lines of her diary and refers to a re-invented order/disorder of memory in time and space.

Laure Ghorayeb is presented with an unparalleled intimate collection of artworks. At 87 years, Ghorayeb continues to record, with a direct approach, themes and fragments of our daily life. She tackles universal concerns with candor while deriving inspiration from within her keen perception of the world through atypical methods.

The collection showcases rare paintings by the artist Jamil Molaeb. His signature paintings, conceived through color and sign, are his ultimate destination of expression. These particular artworks address the sacred city of Jerusalem. They evoke the magical simplicity of iconic representation through the use of unique pictorial structures.

Zad Moultaka artworks offer an alternative sensorial and visual experience. His paintings embody his experimentations relating to his globally praised installation Samas at the 57th edition of the Venice Biennale in 2017. Moultaka’s work invites us continuously to indulge on multiple readings and sensorial levels.

Hanibal Srouji’s paintings convey renewed positive energies. They compel us to look forward to a future with dynamic perspectives. The artworks exemplify the artist’s search for capturing the ephemeral qualities of nature as underlying forces to induce hope. While being very particular and decisively personal they emphasize the visual use of color and space.

Recording Time is an essential ingredient in Adlita Stephan’s works. Gestures, lines, signs, and words accumulate over the surface. They repeat and overlap until the piece reaches its full significance and completion. The artwork presented is part of a series where repetition sets the rhythm; where the ultimate goal is to blur the consciousness of its existence. Complete inner submersion is the objective, as a replication of the artist's dreamlike inner life.