"Whispering - وشوشات" - Aida Salloum

February 16, 2022 to March 18, 2022
Solo by Aida Salloum
Galerie Janine Rubeiz

"Whispering - وشوشات" - Aida Salloum

Galerie Janine Rubeiz is proud to present Aida Salloum’s first exhibition at the gallery: “Whispering – وشوشات”. A selection of paintings which find their roots in Salloum’s earlier work in lyrical abstraction, enchants us with her sense of color and compositional explorations.

Today, her focus has grown to encompass more interiorized states of mind, feelings, surface, and light. “My explorations have pushed me further in contemplating light and space”, Salloum says.

Her recent works have expanded deeper in a spiritual quest through the materiality of color, light, and surface treatments, which painting, as a medium of expression, offers. The vision is refined and focused. The paintings are demanding in their mystical quest. The outlook is of positive nature, as light with its interplay and structure become the tool of joining the transcendental world, the existential realm, with hems of mystic interiors.

Centered on the experience of thinking, feeling, and acting, her surfaces capture the “dance” of marks, of color and of light. Felt spaces, as she “weaves” her paintings.
In these paintings, light is a direction that guides her in her “writing” of the surface. A visually captivating prose, which calls upon and plays with our sense of touch and vision.

Lyrical, Salloum remains in her expression; yet, she offers us vibrant visions of new dimensions, reflections of what roots her joy of life.