Selim Mawad, The wall of sentiments

Price: 10000 USD
Medium: Mixed media on canvas
Dimensions: 200 x 200cm

Selim Mawad, The wall of sentiments

The “19th” Wall of Sentiments - The Confined Revolution

2019, October 19 and for many months ... we staged a revolution. We banged our pots and pans. We exposed the last vestiges of our private space. We marched. We mated. We hoped, we cried, we cursed, we loved, we hated, we took to the street, made love in its corners, we cheered, we had a coffee and a sandwich. We texted, we posted, we declared ... we went back home ... we waited for August 4th, Beirut blew up and we stayed home.

The revolution created an unprecedented space for co-existence, yet sectarianism resurfaced once the ecstasy subsided.

2019 and Beyond, Covid-19 spread intensively and we had to “Stay Home” and “Stay Safe”. It was one of many confinements to come. 

Within the Space of my painting workshop, the walls seemed suddenly too small. While I watched on TV Tripoli being set on fire, the streets of the revolution and their walls and inherent emotions came rushing back to my mind and senses.

My confinement became a mirror image of their revolution. As the walls of my workshop closed in on me, their revolution refracted on my canvas. From my Space, I share with you a retrospective of my Emotions on the October Revolution of Lebanon Amidst Confinement.

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