Ghada Zoghbi

Ghada Zoghbi is a Lebanese artist, born in Shmestar in 1980. At 18, she moved to Beirut to enrol in art teachers’ college, and in 2010, she earned a degree in Fine Art from the Lebanese University.

Her first solo show, “Regimes of the Personal”, took place in 2016, at Artspace Gallery, Beirut. Influenced by Luciano Freud’s expressionism, and Rembrandt’s passion for light, she presented 13 oil paintings, each telling the personal story of a random person in her local community, through images of their closets, launching her questioning of the relation between personal and common.

Zoghbi then carried on with her work on this connection between human beings and their surrounding spaces, and had the chance to exhibit her work in several collective exhibitions and art fairs in Lebanon and abroad, such as Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, Algeria, UAE, and France.

She is represented by Galerie Janine Rubeiz in Beirut, and Al Diwaniya gallery in Algeria. Her work has been sold at international auctions such as Christie’s Dubai.

Zoghbi insists on having no political or religious affiliations. She aspires to support all humans in their achievements through her art and refuses to adhere to borders drawn and created by humans. As an art teacher for the past 20 years, she has worked to enrich young children’s educational experience through art, including inner-city kids and refugee students in Lebanon.

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