Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2016

November 16, 2016 to November 19, 2016
Collective - by Huguette El Khoury Caland | Christine Kettaneh | Laure Ghorayeb | Jamil Molaeb | Hanibal Srouji | Bassam Geitani
Manarat Al Saadiyat - Saadiyat Cultural District - Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2016

Making Connections

“Abu Dhabi deserves our masters…” says Nadine Begdache, the owner of Galerie Janine Rubeiz, reflecting upon the 2016 Abu Dhabi Art.

Choosing specific works from different periods ranging from the end of the 1980s to the present: Including the sensitive “Brush Strokes” of Huguette Caland to the compact “Particles” of Hanibal Srouji, the universal “Symbols” of Jamil Molaeb next to the subtle “Signs” of Laure Ghorayeb, to the referential “Melodies” of emergent artist Christine Kettaneh, to the direct “Pointers” of Alfred Tarazi and also, in the Beyond Section, the “Calligraphies” of Bassam Geitani in his Shathaya installation.

This process defines the underlying concept for this 2016 Art Abu Dhabi’s edition: Creative mark making & writing, as building elements created by the artists, whether it is abstract, symbolic or referential in their significance.

Very early and independently these artists have arrived, within their creative research, at (re)-invent modules as means of personal expression. Each, in his/her way, has conceived simple compositional constituents. As the letters of the artist’s particular alphabet, they play an essential role in the dynamic process and the syntax of these original works.

Focusing on this creative denominator, the Galerie aims at putting forward the importance of this shift in visual thinking that was taking place at the end of the last century. As it continues and plays an important role within contemporary artists’ innovative processes. Emphasizing on the conviction that there is not a real break – as some art historians would like to argue - between the Modern art era and the Contemporary visual thinking.  The links are evident. The shifts had already their seeds within the personal explorations of artists in the Middle East, particularly in the works showcasing in this 2016 edition of Art Abu Dhabi.