Mansour El Habre

September 02, 2015 to September 23, 2015
Solo by Mansour El Habre
Galerie Janine Rubeiz

Mansour El Habre

Home Life

A fine observer and draftsman, Mansour El Habre depicts people, men, women and children in different situations, places and times in their multiple daily activities.

In this exhibition "Home Life", EL Habre assembles different aspects of daily life of society in the form of painting, drawings and sketches.

These observations become his creative tool to finalize his compositions, through collage, mixed media and acrylic on canvas. Created with this diversity of sources, the recent works evoke inner mental and visual environments that constitute the artist’s conception of the family gathered under one roof.

 Despite the idea of collage and the aspect of assemblage, emptiness and quietness emboss the paintings where one can feel a breeze of calmness and even loneliness. With his relative large areas of subdued color, Mansour succeeds in creating meditative rational images of gentleness.

The works demonstrate great fineness and understanding of the collage process. It is a game of composites, people gathered in an “interior landscape life" under the theme of "Home Life".