Nada Matta - Free Hatchlings

June 30, 2022 to July 14, 2022
ArtScoops, Kantari

Nada Matta - Free Hatchlings

 Nada Matta - Free Hatchlings


“In these times of intense repression, to awake the sensory, to be as present, as alive as possible! The five senses, the instinct, exasperated to the point of becoming beast, nature, the universe.

Maybe, a bit of everything.


It all starts with an opening, a breach, a possibility.

Our bodies are fields of flowers.

Our arms, our legs, our tangled hair, what are we?

Branches in the foliage?

Insects at the water's edge?

Clouds on the mountain?

A horde of wolves?

Maybe a bit of everything.

Am I in the arms of a woman, of a man, of the earth?

What binds you to me, what binds me to you, is so much bigger than you, than me, than everything.

What binds us is like a bee patiently building its hive.

What binds us is like the many streams that come from everywhere to fill the river.

What binds us is like the breath of the breeze that helps the fire to grow.

What binds us is like the birds that come in the morning to sing at my window.

In your arms, I am so small, so small, almost nothing.

Suddenly a huge wave comes.

Suddenly water is everywhere.

Is it the sea ... tears ... or the rain?

Maybe a bit of everything.

In the heart of myself, I surrender, I rest.

I am well.”

- Nada Matta