Manar Ali Hassan - Sagas of Painful Bodies - Catalogue


Manar Ali Hassan

Sagas of Painful Bodies 

May 2 - 31, 2024 

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“Throughout history and to our present day, women's pain, particularly entwined with childbirth and the enigma of other physical illnesses, often languished in obscurity. An insufficient comprehension of their suffering left the realm of pain management shrouded in neglect, a silent plea echoing through the ages.

Echoing women’s struggles and resilience, Galerie Janine Rubeiz invites you to the opening of “Sagas of Painful Bodies”, the first solo exhibition by Manar Ali Hassan, on Thursday May 2nd, 2024, from 5pm to 8pm, in the presence of the artist.

“Sagas of Painful Bodies” is a narrative-based exhibition that invites the exploration of the intimate, personal, and social aspects of being a woman living with a painful body. It centers on the experiences of seven Lebanese women, including the artist herself, all coping with the chronic condition of Fibromyalgia. In this project, Manar Ali Hassan uses art to delve into the narratives of chronic illness and physical gestures, revealing the disrupted experiences, meanings, and implications.

Through a painterly form, the artist also addresses broader existential questions, forging poetic connections between identity, personal encounters, and societal stigmas. The artist, inspired by her partners in pain, aims to fully embrace and interpret their stories, both spoken and unspoken, translating them into impactful artistic creations. These creations serve as a tribute to the resilience and strength of individuals living with chronic pain, a testament to their unwavering spirit amidst life's challenges.”